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Project Description
netDefect is a web based Bug/Defect/Issue Tracking Starter Kit for Visual Studio 2005 or higher.

netDefect was written in response to the lack of update from the original Bug Tracking Starter Kit published on and in response to my offices research for an opensource web based bug tracking tool.

When the company I work for was researching for a free or minimal cost web based bug tracking tool they were discouraged at how limited the options were. This tool was started mid 2007 and hasn't been finished. This entry in CodePlex is to force myself to finish this project and get the starter kit out for the community to use and enhance.

It's intention is to be as the name states, a Starter Kit. I plan on implementing the base line requirements of a bug tracking site and package it into a Visual Studio Installer. There will be several phases to this project, the first holding true tot he concept of a starter kit. To allow the users of the community to cretae a default web site that works right out of the box.

The starter kit will be written in 2.0 framework and will use MS SQLExpress for it's database. Later phase will incorporate some of .net 3.0 as well as the possibility of some AJAX.

I will try to keep the site as generic as possible but it will unfortunately take on an IT feel. For that I apologize but hopefully with some community interaction we can generalize it further so that it can be used in almost any business case.

Additional information on starting a new project is available here: Project Startup Guide.

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